Providing access to education, mentorship, financial support, A CAREER.

Together with school districts, higher education institutions and corporate alliances, we are removing barriers and driving life-changing opportunities for young people and underrepresented groups by providing access to education, mentorship, financial support and long-term careers in technology.
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From High school to a career in a year

We provide a paid apprenticeship and guaranteed entry-level job for those who complete the program in partnership with area corporations.

Customized, Job Specific Training

Curriculum, mentoring and apprenticeship are tailored to the student’s specific, pre-identified job.

Life-changing career and income

Upon completion of the program, students will immediately start a paid apprenticeship that will lead to a full-time $40k+ salaried career.

Access Point provides stability

Our support addresses student education costs and financial needs.

Path to a college degree

All program training earns college credit and includes an individual plan and support to complete a bachelor’s degree.
“Access Point is opening up doors for me and my future. You don’t need to know all the ins and outs of coding. The coursework, instructors and support have been outstanding.”
- Fumi, Student

Access Point guides young adults to their first job as a software developer and to a software engineering career track by learning how to:

• Design fun games as a path to learning
• Shape user interfaces that are intuitive and innovative
• Test applications using the latest technologies
• Construct cutting-edge APIs
• Hone the ability to create highly useful applications
• Load, transform and write data from current systems
• Drive data management with modern approaches to process large amounts of data
• Build solutions to real-world challenges at area companies



Student Interviews, Assessments, Selection and Onboarding



Dual enrollment with St. Louis Community College, Professional Skills Training, Individual mentor and prescriptive support for each student



Paid Apprenticeship and preparation for entry to high-paying, full-time job while continuing college courses

“Access Point is focused on providing targeted training and support, so these young people can enter the IT workforce more quickly and competently. It’s a combination of the commitment of area companies, engagement by area school districts and collaboration with Higher Ed that is giving our high school students an unprecedented opportunity."

- Jayson Vincent, Access Point Technical Lead

From Here to a Career in Less Than a Year

Technology drives almost everything. Access Point gives students the skills to go anywhere.

Are you ready for it?

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